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Ribera y Rueda,
Spain’s most prestigious red and white wine regions

Ribera del Duero Region

Winemaking for Spain's most prestigious wine regions for red and white wines began almost 2,000 years ago. It’s a wonder anyone would have thought to plant grapes in these regions of extreme temperatures, blisteringly hot summers, bitterly cold winters, rocky terrain and high altitudes. The flag of Castilla y León bears images of castles and lions – symbolic of the expansive region's name, and a sense of purpose and prestige. Given this, it seems unlikely to be home to the most prestigious wine regions in Spain, but a river runs through it, and with that, the key to vibrant vineyards and the stunning wines that come from them. Ribera y Rueda were bestowed the Denominación de Origen (D.O.) status in the 1980’s – a prestigious designation, and the rest, as they say, is history

Ribera del Duero (reds):

Ribera del Duero, home to a very distinctive style of Tempranillo called “Tinto Fino”, has raised the region’s wines to international prominence. Over a third of the vines are over 45 years old, leading to complex wines with balanced acidity, dark fruit and sturdy structure. Today, more than 300 wineries call Ribera home, including some of Spain’s most iconic names. Because of that, the bar is high to create exceptional wines with equally exceptional value. Ribera del Duero wines can go head-to-head at a fraction of the price compared to other super-premium wines from world-renowned regions like Napa, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Piedmont. If you're interested in getting a bottle of Ribera del Duero but are unsure what to look for, we can help! Here are three of our favorite Riberas (reds) you should get your hands on:

Ribera del Duero cork

Emilio Moro Resalso

Visual: Cherry red color and with violet edge

On the Nose: Intense, expressive and fresh

Taste: Balanced, with a persistent but mature tannin, good acidity and pleasant mid-palate, long aftertaste and pleasant memory.

Viridiana Ribera Del Duero

Visual: Vivid, floral red

On the Nose: Forest fruits interwoven with spicy notes

Taste: Red fruits with a light, fresh finish

Emilio Moro Ribera del Duero

Visual: Intense color with a bluish rim and a cherry-red core

On the Nose: Powerful concentration of fruit

Taste: Oak, vanilla, and tobacco

Rueda (white):

Rueda and its signature grape, Verdejo, is all about agriculture. World-class winemakers moved in the 70’s to make the world’s next great white featuring a grape with tremendous potential. Rueda is one of Spain's best-kept secrets - but not for long. It’s no surprise that Verdejo is Spain’s number one-selling white wine. The grape’s many forms of expression – sparkling, clean, crisp, young, aged, oak, unoaked – means it takes what the winemaker intends the wine drinker to experience. It also means that a glass of Verdejo will go with pretty much any type of tapa or other food. Explore a few of our favorites!

Rueda Image3

Las Brisas Rueda

Visual: Straw yellow

On the Nose: White fruit, notes of lime and pineapple

Taste: Fresh, elegant, well-balanced Viura and Sauvignon

Naia Verdejo

Visual: Straw yellow with greenish reflections

On the Nose: Aromas of apricot

Taste: Crisp and zesty with lemon and orange flavors


Visual: Pale yellow with bright green hues

On the Nose: Fruity aromas with hints of floral

Taste: Rich and fruity on the pallet. Well balanced with a fresh finish


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