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Ted Farrell: Our Wine Guy

Watch Ted's Twin Cities Live Segment, See His Recipes, and Find His Recommendations

TCL: 6 for $60 - The Teddies Edition

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Watching the Oscars this weekend? Check out our annual wine awards - The Teddies!

Kick off the weekend with our annual 6 for $60 deal - The Teddies Edition! Our Twin Cities Live wine guy, Ted Farrell & our Haskell's staff have hand selected the loveliest of wines in honor of the Oscars! Perfect to sip on while you watch or stream the Oscars this weekend. Stop by your local Haskell's or order online today!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Chateau Loumelat Bordeaux Blanc
  • Pound Cake California Chardonnay
  • Cotes Du Rhone Les Murieres - French Grenache
  • Standing Goat Zinfandel - California
  • Loascano Vineyards Malbec - Argentina
  • Mas Boisluazon la Chaussynette - French Blend


TCL: 6 for $60 - The Love Edition

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It's Valentine's Day weekend, surprise your loved one with wine!

We are back with Twin Cities Live to feature our first 6 for $60 wine deal of the year - The Love Edition for Valentine's Day! Our wine guy, Ted Farrell & Haskell's staff, have hand selected the loveliest wines for the love in your life! Stop by your local Haskell's or order online today! We love our wines and we want to share the love with all of our wonderful customers - cheers!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Natale Verga Prosecco
  • Fog Mountain Rosé
  • Chateau Mille Anges Blanc
  • Casa Farrelli Rosso
  • The Culprit Red Blend
  • Chateau Tour St Georges


TCL: 6 for $60 - December 2022 Wines Edition

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The Holidays are approaching, but we've got you covered!

The 2022 Twin Cities Live 6 for $60 - Haskell's December Edition!  Our TCL Wine guy, Ted Farrell & Haskell's staff, have hand selected the best December Holiday Prep Wines to celebrate! Stop by your local Haskell's or order online today!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Bacio Della Luna Extra-Dry
  • Domaine Fazi Rosé
  • Projection Chardonnay
  • Farrelli Chianti
  • Diamandes Malbec/Syrah
  • Cotes du Rhone Domaine L'Obrieu


TCL: Holiday Headquarters Edition

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Haskell's has great new gifts for the Holiday season!

The holidays are just around the corner and we have a variety of new and exciting gifts for you and your loved ones! Watch on Twin Cities Live as our wine guy, Ted Farrell, discusses this year's release of Nouveau DuBoeuf, our popular Advent Calendars, and a new wine Decanter! We also want to remind you to shop our Thanksgiving 6 for $60 wine deal while supplies lasts!

Shop the New Releases:
Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our curated collections of Advent Calendars, Gift Baskets, or shop our Gift Cards!


TCL: 6 for $60 - Thanksgiving Wines Edition

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Get ready for Thanksgiving and the Holidays!

The 2022 Twin Cities Live 6 for $60 - Haskell's Thanksgiving Edition!  Our TCL Wine guy, Ted Farrell & Haskell's staff, have hand selected the best Thanksgiving wines to celebrate Minnesota's favorite holiday, THANKSGIVING!  Stop by your local Haskell's metro location or order online today! Stop by your local Haskell's or order online today!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Casa Farrelli Prosecco
  • Saint Sidoine Rose Cotes de Provence
  • Vouvray Les Lys Chenin Blanc
  • Barbera D'Asti Natale Verga
  • 2020 Pra Vinera Reserve Pinot Noir
  • 2020 Cotes Du Rhone Les Rastellains


TCL: 6 for $60 - Flavors of Fall Edition

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Gear up for the Fall with these fantastic wines!

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are starting to turn, and football is back on TV... that can only mean one thing - Fall is here! Watch Ted, our wine guy, on Twin Cities Live, as he guides us through these phenomenal Fall wines! Each bottle of wine has been selected to bring out a variety of autumn flavors that will pair well with any seasonal event you may have planned! Stop by your local Haskell's or order online today!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Casa Farrelli Bianco
  • Wilderness Oak Chardonnay
  • Pra Vinera Zinfandel
  • Loscano Red Blend
  • Standing Goat Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Matayac Cahors Malbec


TCL: Bacchus Beer & Wine Boat Cruise Edition

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It's the last Bacchus Beer & Wine Boat Cruise of the summer!

Summer is sadly coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Finish out your summer strong and join us on our final Bacchus Beers & Wine Boat Cruise of the season! Watch as Ted, our wine guy, gives a fun overview of what to expect on the boat! There will be vendors on all three levels of the boat sampling out beer, wine, spirits, and more! We also include a full lunch that will be served on the boat. There is still time to get your tickets for the September 17th boat cruise! We look forward to celebrating the last hooray of summer with you all!

Not a Bacchus Member yet? Sign up today by clicking here!

Shop the featured Boat Cruise selections:


TCL: 6 for $60 - Haskell's Blue Ribbon Fair Edition

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Haskell's Blue Ribbon Fair Edition!

The 2022 Twin Cities Live 6 for $60 - Haskell's Blue Ribbon Fair Edition! Our wine guy, Ted Farrell, and the Haskell's staff, have hand-selected the best Blue Ribbon Fair Edition wines to celebrate Minnesota's great together! We can't sell these at the fair, but stop by your local Haskell's or order online to try these top picks today!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Fortant Grenache Rose
  • Cantina della Torre Pinot Grigio
  • Obscured Red Blend
  • Fog Mountain Pinot Noir
  • Zinfinity Zinfandel
  • Projection Cabernet Sauvignon


TCL: National Prosecco Day Edition

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Celebrating National Prosecco Day on Twin Cities Live!

Happy National Prosecco Day! Watch Ted, our wine guy, talk about where Prosecco wine comes from in Italy and why this specific grape is so special. This exquisite variety of sparkling white wine is often used to celebrate big life events and is also used in delicious cocktails, such as mimosas! These three hand-selected wines featured on Twin Cities Live have their own unique taste - stop by your local Haskell's and try each bottle! Cheers!

Shop the Prosecco wine selections:


TCL: 6 for $60 - Elizabeth Reis Edition

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Elizabeth Reis' Wine Edition!

The current 6 for $60 TCL wine deal features six amazing bottles hand-picked with help from Elizabeth Reis herself! This wine package is perfect for all of your late summer events and celebrations! Stop by your local Haskell's store, or order online today!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Malene Rosé
  • Sirius
  • Gearbox Chardonnay
  • CDR Rateau
  • Loscano Malbec
  • CDR Croix Bonpas


TCL: 6 for $60 - Summer BBQ Edition

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The Summer BBQ Edition!

The current 6 for $60 TCL wine deal features six great grapes for the BBQ season!

This selections great wines from France, Italy, and the good ole' USA! Each wine was selected due to its versatility and ability to partner with smoked and grilled foods. Stock up on this wine deal while supplies last!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Windstorm Zinfandel Ripe California Juice

  • La Gondola Cabernet Sauvignon Smooth Italian Cab

  • MassoAntico Primativo Provence From Provence

  • Chateau D'aiugeville From Rhone Valley France

  • Indigo Eyes Sauvignon Blanc From California

  • Red Autumn Sauvignon Blanc From California


TCL: 6 for $60 - Bouquet of Rosé Edition

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Give the gift of Rosé!

Are you prepared for all of the summer events and celebrations coming up? If not, we have the best gift to give - a Bouquet of Rosé! Watch as Ted, our wine guy, explores these 6 hand-selected wines with our friends from Twin Cities Live. He explains how Rosé is a fun wine for any and every occasion! Whether you are relaxing on the patio, entertaining guests for dinner, or enjoying a quiet night in - a bottle of Rosé can take the stress away! Stock up on this wine deal while supplies last!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Chateau d’Aigueville Cotes du Rhone Rosé from the Rhone Valley

  • Ligeriens Rosé d’Anjou from Anjou in the Loire Valley

  • Mado en Provence from Provence

  • Domaine de Fazi from Bordeaux

  • Second Growth Willamette Rosé from Willamette Valley, Oregon

  • Bouchard Pinot Noir Rosé from the heart of Burgundy


TCL: Spring Sale Highlights Edition

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The best wines from our Spring Sale!

Our Spring Sale is coming to an end! Watch Ted, our wine guy, talk about the best-selling wines featured in our Spring Sale on Twin Cities Live! Each bottle has a unique and delicious taste that you are sure to love! Enjoy them this Spring season with all of your favorite meals! Make sure to shop the sale and stock up on all of your favorite wines before the sale ends!

Shop the wine selections:


TCL: 6 for $60 - Spring Brunch Edition

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Spring Brunch Edition!

It's Easter weekend and Spring is here (even if the weather doesn't quite feel like it yet). We are introducing the Spring Brunch 6 for $60 wine deal! Check out these delicious wine selections from Ted, our wine guy, and add them to your Easter brunch celebrations! Shop this wine deal before it ends!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Villamont Cremant de Bourgogne Sparkling Rose
  • Chateau Mille Anges Mozart
  • Beaujolais Villages Mommessin
  • Haskell's Maison Blanc - NEW PACKAGE!
  • Haskell's Maison Rose - NEW PRODUCT & PACKAGE!
  • Haskell's Maison Rouge - NEW PACKAGE!


TCL: 6 for $60 - Hockey Edition

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Hockey Edition!

Calling all hockey fans (and everyone else), check out our new 6 for $60 wine deal on TCL The Hockey Case edition! Watch our wine guy, Ted, as he goes through each of these hand selected wines and their hockey terminology. Shop online or stop into your local Haskell's to pick up this case before it's gone!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Mado en Provence - "Scoring Chance"
  • Hats Off Chardonnay - "Hat Trick"
  • Laville Pavillion Rouge - "Barn"
  • Cricklewood Pinot - "Blue Line"
  • The Culprit - "Penalty Box"
  • Chianti il Roccolo - "The FLOW"


TCL: Hearty Winter Wines Edition

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Warm up this winter season with our favorite hearty red wines!

As we all know, the winter days can get long and dreary. There is no better way to warm up than by making some delicious food in the kitchen and enjoying a glass of red wine! Ted, our wine guy, has hand-selected some of our favorite hearty red wines that will pair with some great food dishes for you and the family this on these cold winter nights! Watch this clip from Twin Cities Live to hear about each of Ted's picks!

Shop the wine selections:


TCL: 6 for $60 - Ted's Favorites Edition

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Ted's Favorites Edition!

The new year is here and if you are looking to stock up your wine cellar... look no further! Ted, our wine guy, has picked out some wines that he always has on hand! Watch this clip from Twin Cities Live to hear about each of Ted's Favorites!

Shop the 6 for $60:
  • Domaine Fazi Rosé
  • Wilderness Oak Chardonnay
  • Casa Farrelli Chianti
  • Natalie Verga Nero d'Alvola
  • Cote Du Rhone Les Combes Saveur
  • Fog Mountain Pinot Noir


TCL: Holiday Cocktail Recipes

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Happy Holidays from the Haskell's family!

The Holidays are here and our wine guy, Ted, has some delicious and simple cocktail recipes for you to try during all your celebrations! Watch the segment and try these seasonal recipes at home!


Screwy Louie



The "Don't Give a Damn"

TCL: Jack Farrell's Christmas Case of Wine

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Take a look at our holiday stocking stuffers and case of wine!

Each year, Jack Farrell puts together a Christmas case of wine and you do not want to miss his picks this season! Watch as Ted covers a few of these hand selected wines, and check out some of the best gifts for the wine lovers in your life!

Shop Jack Farrell's Christmas Case of Wine

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Wine Away
  • Rabbit Corkscrew
  • Chirpy Top
  • Rabbit Flip pourer


TCL: 6 for $60 - Holiday Edition

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Seasons Greetings!

Ted Farrell has hand selected the following 6 wines for your HOLIDAY SEASON celebration! Enjoy the TCL 6 for $60 - Holiday Edition!

Shop the 6 for $60

  • Bacio Della Luna Vino Spumante Prosecco Extra Dry
  • 2019 Lalie Rose Alpes de Haute Provence
  • 2018 Hitch Edna Valley Chardonnay
  • 2019 Cotes-Du-Rhone Les Murieres
  • 2019 Sirus Bordeaux Blanc Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon
  • 2020 Standing Goat Paso Robles Zinfandel


TCL: Ted is Live from France!

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Nouveau Beaujolais Day!

Beaujolais Nouveau is a French tradition that celebrates the first wine of a new vintage. Each year it is celebrated by releasing new wines world wide! Our wine guy, Ted, made the long trip all the way to France to celebrate this exciting release! Watch Ted give some great information about the wine - there's even a little surprise at the end! Cheers!

Shop the wines below!

2021 Beaujolais Nouveau Duboeuf
2021 Beaujolais Nouveau Duboeuf Rosé



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