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Ted Farrell: Our Wine Guy

Watch Ted's Twin Cities Live Segment, See His Recipes, and Find His Recommendations

TCL: Holiday Cocktail Recipes

TCL Holiday Cocktails 2021


Happy Holidays from the Haskell's family!

The Holidays are here and our wine guy, Ted, has some delicious and simple cocktail recipes for you to try during all your celebrations! Watch the segment and try these seasonal recipes at home!


Screwy Louie


The "Don't Give a Damn"


TCL: Jack Farrell's Christmas Case of Wine

TCL Jack Farrells Christmas Case of Wine

Take a look at our holiday stocking stuffers and case of wine!

Each year, Jack Farrell puts together a Christmas case of wine and you do not want to miss his picks this season! Watch as Ted covers a few of these hand selected wines, and check out some of the best gifts for the wine lovers in your life!

Shop Jack Farrell's Christmas Case of Wine

Stocking Stuffers:

  • Wine Away
  • Rabbit Corkscrew
  • Chirpy Top
  • Rabbit Flip pourer


TCL: 6 for $60 - Holiday Edition

TCL 6 for 60 Holiday 2021


Seasons Greetings!

Ted Farrell has hand selected the following 6 wines for your HOLIDAY SEASON celebration! Enjoy the TCL 6 for $60 - Holiday Edition!

Shop the 6 for $60

  • Bacio Della Luna Vino Spumante Prosecco Extra Dry
  • 2019 Lalie Rose Alpes de Haute Provence
  • 2018 Hitch Edna Valley Chardonnay
  • 2019 Cotes-Du-Rhone Les Murieres
  • 2019 Sirus Bordeaux Blanc Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon
  • 2020 Standing Goat Paso Robles Zinfandel


TCL: Ted is Live from France!

TCL Nouveau Beaujolais Segment

Nouveau Beaujolais Day!

Beaujolais Nouveau is a French tradition that celebrates the first wine of a new vintage. Each year it is celebrated by releasing new wines world wide! Our wine guy, Ted, made the long trip all the way to France to celebrate this exciting release! Watch Ted give some great information about the wine - there's even a little surprise at the end! Cheers!

Shop the wines below!


TCL: 6 for $60 - Thanksgiving Edition

TCL 6 for 60 Thanksgiving Edition


The Thanksgiving 6 for $60 wine deal is here!

Thanksgiving is almost here! Whether you plan on going out to celebrate with your loved ones or stay in, make sure to grab this fantastic 6 pack of wine for your delicious meal! Ted, our wine guy, has hand-selected these wines to pair perfectly with all of your Thanksgiving dishes.

  • Natale Verga Prosecco
  • Vouvray Les Lys
  • Craft Creamery Chardonnay
  • Chateau Mille Anges Mozart
  • Pra Vinera Reserve Pinot Noir
  • CDR Acantalys

Shop TCL 6 for $60 - Thanksgiving Edition


TCL: Hot Holiday Drinks

TCL Haskells Hot Drinks


Need some Holiday drink ideas that everyone will enjoy? Look no further!

Hosting the Holidays can be stressful, and making sure you have beverages that everyone will enjoy can add to that stress. Watch as Ted, our wine guy, shares one of his best Holiday drink recipes! It's easy to put together and can serve the whole family (including the kids, just add the alcohol later!). 

Shop the Wine Advent Calendar


TCL: Holiday Gift Ideas

TCL Holiday Gift Ideas


The Holidays are just around the corner! Need some gift ideas? Ted has you covered!

This holiday season we are bringing out some great gift ideas for you to give to your loved ones (or to yourself)! Watch as Ted, our wine guy, goes through our top picks! Whether you're attending a big celebration with the whole family or relaxing at home with your close loved ones, these wines are a great gift idea that everyone will enjoy!


TCL: Spooky Halloween Wines

TCL Spooky Wines


Trick or treat?! It's that time of year where the ghosts, goblins, and ghouls come out... but what do you serve them?

No tricks here, just treats! Watch our wine guy, Ted, give his Halloween wine selections for your Halloween party this year! Each of these wines have been hand picked to be delicious, as well as give you and your guests some spooky vibes! Click on any of the wines below to shop!

TCL: Best of the 6 for $60 Edition

Best of 6 for 60


Taking a look at our past 6 for $60 wines, Ted Farrell has picked out the best of the best!

Our wine guy, Ted Farrell, has selected 6 of the best wines from all of our past 6 for $60 wine deals! This is the ultimate 6 pack of wine to sip on for all your fall festivities this season. Grab this pack of wine before the deal ends!

Shop TCL Best of the 6 for $60

  • Beaumatin Rosé
  • Cantina della Torre Pinot Grigio
  • CDR Villages Chateau D'Aiguville
  • Fog Mountain Field Blend
  • Chateau Mille Anges Mozart
  • Diamandes Malbec


TCL: Fall Game Wine Pairings

TCL Fall Wine Pairings


Hunting season is on, here's what to pair with your game!

Heading out for the opener? From duck to dove to rabbit, watch Ted, our wine guy, go over his wine recommendations to pair with your game! 


TCL: 6 for $60 - Fall Edition

TCL Fall Edition


Step into the new season with our wine deal!

Celebrate the start of the Fall season with a 6 pack of wine! Ted, our wine guy, has selected some of his favorites to enjoy with the change of the seasons. Grab this wine deal and enjoy it while we transition into this beautiful time of the year!

Shop TCL 6 for $60 - Fall Edition

  • La Forge Estate Viognier
  • Red Autumn Chardonnay
  • CDR Villages Chateau D'Aigueville
  • Koala Ranch Shiraz
  • Chateau Du Lort
  • Standing Goat Cabernet


TCL: 6 for $60 - Rosé Edition

TCL 6 for $60 Rosé


Wrap up your summer with some of our favorite Rosé options!

Our Wine Guy, Ted Farrell, has selected some of his favorite Rosés to enjoy in the final month of summer. These wines are light and refreshing and are a great choice for barbecues, picnics, or a trip to the lake.

Shop TCL 6 for $60 - Rosé Edition

  • Bouchard Rosé
  • Beaumatin Rosé 
  • Lalie Rosé
  • Chateau Mille Anges Rosé 
  •  Villamont Cremant Rosé  
  •  Natale Verga Prosecco Rosé

TCL: 6 for $60 - Wines of the World: Summer Olympics Edition

TCL 6 for $60 Olympics Edition


The Summer Olympics are here, and what better way to celebrate than with wine?!

Celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics with the latest TCL 6 pack! This 6 for $60 has been designed to highlight some of our favorite Wines of the World! Watch the Games and sip on these hand-selected wines while you cheer on Team USA!

Shop TCL 6 for $60 - Wines of the World

  • Pavillon Rosé
  • Koala Ranch Chardonnay
  • El Circo Granacha
  • Natale Verga Barbera D'Asti
  • Aguaribay Malbec
  • Hitch Pinot Noir


TCL: 6 for $60 - Red, White, and Rosé



This 6 for $60 has been designed with summer in mind!

Red, White & Rosé wine will help you to celebrate the birth of our nation in style!

Shop TCL 6 for $60 - Red, White, and Rosé

  • Silvertop Malbec - Great with BBQ meats and veggies.
  • Loscano Red Blend - Perfect summer blend.
  • La Gondola Pinot Grigio - Light and easy for Summer.
  • Rastellain CDR Blanc - Unique white like no other
  • St Sidoine Rosé - Back in stock!
  • Natale Verga Rosé Prosecco - NEW! Just off the boat from Italy


TCL: 6 for $60 - Patio Wine Pack

TCL 6for60 PatioPack


The best wines for BBQs on the patio this summer!

It's officially patio season and we are so excited to get outside and start enjoying the beautiful weather in MN! Watch Ted Farrel, our wine guy, on Twin Cities Live as he discusses this fantastic selection of wines to include at your next BBQ. You are going to love this variety to pair with anything you throw on the grill!

TCL 6 for $60- Patio Pack

  • Goichot Corbieres
  • Craft Creamery Chardonnay
  • Fortant Languedoc Rosé
  • Pra Vinera Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Loscano Vineyards Malbec
  • Cantina Della Torre Pinot Grigio


TCL: 6 for $60 - The Teddies

TCL Teddies 6 for $60


It's Oscar Time! Here are Our winners for the Teddies! These winning wines are selected for our friends at Twin Cities Live!

TCL 6 for $60- The Teddies

Best Sparkling Wine:

Casa Farrelli Prosecco

Best Party Wine (White):

Perlita Chardonnay

Best Party Wine (Red):

El Jamon Garnacha

Most Awarded Wine:

Fog Mountain Field Blend

Best Wine for Springtime:

Malene Rose

Best "Newcomer" Wine:

Loscano Cabernet Sauvignon


TCL: Spring Party Planning

TCL Party Planning


When planning a party, you may wonder how much bubbly should you get, or do you have enough wine for everyone?  How many servings are there in a bottle anyway?  Ted Farrell from Haskell’s is here to clear all that up for us with his party planning tips.

Things to consider:

  1. Length of time and time of day
  2. Menu and format
  3. Attendees
  4. Budget

Servings Per Bottle:

  • 1 bottle of wine = 5 glasses
  • 1 liter bottle of spirits = 17 (1.5 ounce servings)

Amount of Alcohol Needed:

  • Length of time X Drinks per hour X Attendees = Amount Needed

Spring Party BOGO at Haskells through April 25th:

TCL: 6 for $60 - Spring Celebration Wines

TCL Spring Celebrations


TCL 6 for $60- Spring Celebration Edition


TCL: 6 for $60 - Spring Wines

tcl 3-11-2021


TCL 6 for $60- Spring Edition


TCL: Wine 101

wine 101


Tobias Sauvignon Blanc

Leon Roux Macon Villages

Mud Pie Cabernet

Lockwood Pinot Noir


TCL: Valentine's Day

Valentines Day TCL 6 for $60


TCL 6 for $60- Valentine's Edition


TCL: Wines and Drinks to Warm You Up


La Forge Chardonnay

Greetings Napa Cabernet

Louisa's Belle Meade Liqueur


TCL: Ted Farrell's Last-Minute Gift Ideas



TCL: Jack Farrell's Case of Christmas Wines

TCL Dec 10 JF Wine

Jack Farrell's Case of Christmas Wine


TCL: 6 for $60 - Best Wines of 2020

TCL Dec 4th

TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: Thanksgiving

TCL Thanksgiving 2020

Villamont Cremant Blanc de Blancs

Vouvray Voltaire

La Forge Pinot Noir

Belle Meade Louisa's


TCL: Advent Wine Calendar

TCL- AdventCalendar

Advent Wine Calendar


TCL: 6 for $60 - Spooky Halloween Edition


TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60 - Fall Time!

TCL _Flavors_of_Fall_6_Pack_4500

TCL Special 6 for $60


Fall Wine and Food Pairings

9-24-20- tcl


Les Murieres CDR Blanc

Lockwood Pinot Noir

Masso Antico Primitivo

Flechas de los Andes Gran Malbec


TCL: 6 for $60 - California Pack!

4960930_7E1559F82D5748DCA382EB5D710DE1BA_200910_4960930_California_Wine_6_Pack_4500 (1)

TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60 - State Fair Food Pairings!


TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60 - Savor the Summer!

_TCL Savor_Summer_6_Pack_

TCL Special 6 for $60


Summer Cocktails

TCL 7-30-2020


100 Mill Street Gin



TCL: 6 for $60 - Beat the Heat!

4944049_166757878ED242A682F859991B2B968B_200723_4944049_Beat_the_Heat_6_pack_4500 (2)

TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60 - Grill & Chill


TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60 - Patio Wines

TCL 6 for $60 Patio Pack

TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60 - Old World vs. New World Wines

TCL 6 pack old world vs new


TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60 - 2nd Addition

TCL 6 for 60 April 24 20202


TCL Special 6 for $60


TCL: 6 for $60

TCL 6 pack


TCL Special 6 for $60


Saint Patrick's Day

TCL St. Patricks Day 2020


Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey | $18.99

Five Farm's Irish Cream | $29.99

Spice Block Cabernet | $16.99

Rewards Program | $20.00


Valentine's Day Wines

TCL Valentines Day


Bouquet of Rose | $74.99

Casa Farrelli Prosecco | $10.99

El Circo Garnacha | $8.99

El Circo Garnacha | $8.99


It's... The Teddies!



Best New Artist: Hitch Chardonnay | $14.99
Best BOGO:  Lockwood Cabernet Sauvignon | $24.99 (buy one, get one free)
Best Party Wine: DiamAndes Malbec | $10.99
Most Awarded: Cantine di Ora Amicone | $14.99


Champagne Picks



Mas Fi Cava | $8.99

Farrelli Prosecco | $10.99

Louis Bouillot Brut | $18.99

Lete Vautrain Champagne | $34.99


Holiday Gift Picks



Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Old Fashioned Kit | $39.99

Champagne Saver

Host/Cocktail Shaker

Vino Drill Electric Corkscrew | $33.59

Tavel Cuvee Royale

Case of Wine selected by Jack Farrell | $165

Villa Cafaggio Chianti Classico

Chirpy Top


Wines Under $10



Muscadet L'Aubiniere | $7.99

Koala Ranch Sauvignon Blanc | $7.99

Perlita Malbec/Syrah | $8.99

Les Murieres Cotes-du-Rhone Rouge | $8.99


Thanksgiving Wines for Your Table



Entertaining — Before the Meal!
Cavatina Prosecco

During the Meal
Voltaire Vouvray
Beajolias Nouveau

After Meal
Belle Meade Louisa's

Don't miss our deals this weekend including 20% off all gift cards on Cyber Monday!


Elizabeth Ries' Favorites 4-Pack



Don't miss the Elizabeth Ries 4-pack of favorite wines, these are perfect for your next dinner party, Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving family dinner.

Buy all 4 for $40 and save $11 off of the SALE PRICE!

These 4 of $40 thru Sunday


Haskell's 100 Features



Check out some of our favorites from this year's Haskell's 100 list. Click here to view the entire list of all 100 wines that made the cut for 2019.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Best Party Wine
Perlita Chardonnay | $8.99

Best Wine from Around the World
Corona de Aragon Old Vine Garnacha | $11.99

Top Wine for Fall and Winter
Matayac Cahors Malbec | $12.99

Favorite Twin Cities Live Wine
Gearbox Pinot Noir | $14.99


Spooky Spirits — Halloween 2019



These drinks can go right from Halloween all through fall and winter. We've got spooky suggestions as well a some you might want to enjoy all the way through Christmas.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

The Culprit | $14.99

ObscuRED | $8.99

Crystal Head Vodka | $34.99

Drunken Peanut Butter Cup Recipe

1 c. vodka
1/2 c Reese's Pieces

3 oz. Reese's-infused vodka
3 oz. milk
2 oz. Chocolate Liqueur
1/4 c. peanut butter, for rimming glass
1/2 c. crushed Reese's Pieces, for rimming glass
2 Reese's peanut butter cups, for garnish
2 tbsp. chocolate syrup


  1. In a mason jar, combine vodka and Reese’s pieces. Cover with tight-fitting lid and shake. Refrigerate overnight, then strain.
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then pour over strained vodka, milk, and chocolate liqueur. Shake until chilled.
  3. Put peanut butter on one small plate and crushed Reese's Pieces on another. Dunk tops of two cocktail glasses in peanut butter then roll in crushed Reese's Pieces.
  4. Drizzle about a tablespoon of chocolate syrup into each glass. Divide cocktail mixture between glasses and garnish each with a peanut butter cup.



Wines from the Columbia Valley in Washington. These wines range in price, but can be more economical than some of their pricier counterparts AND Washington wines have received more 95+ score wines than California wines!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Snowline Riesling | $9.99

Snowline Pinot Gris | $8.99

Second Growth Columbia Valley Cabernet | $14.99

Nota Bene Syrah | $23.99



Tailgating at the house is the way to do it! When you're entertaining a house-full, what should you choose? Bubbly, boxed wine, rose or something else? And, don't forget about the 'lil smokies....  

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Henri de Villamont Cremant De Bourgogne Brut | $14.99

Provisions Boxed Wine | $14.98

Bouchard Rose | $19.99 BOGO

Koala Ranch Shiraz | $7.99



Ciao Bella! Check out the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris wines - or maybe there's no difference at all?!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Cantina della Torre Pinot Grigio | $9.99

La Gondola Pinot Grigio | $9.98

Greetings Pinot Gris | $14.99

Second Growth Pinot Gris | $14.99



Here they are the Farrell Family favorites!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Baus Family Chardonnay | $15.99

Goichot Cotes du Rhone | $10.99

Sold Out! Domaine Louis Tete | $15.99

➡️ Substitute Charles Vienot Beaujolais-Village | $13.99

Gear Box Pinot | $14.99



While the sites are often unappealing - here are some of our favorite wines to pair with foods you may or may not see at this summer's hottest food eating competitions. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Menzione Primotivo | $12.99

Hot Dogs

Aguaribay Malbec | $11.99


Sittmann Riesling | $8.98

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Les Lys Vouvray | $10.99



As Ted says, "It's hotter than the bejejos outside!" These refreshing beverages will quench your thirst, his thirst, her thirst, their thirst... everybody's thirst! Even better? They are all at a price point that is super wallet-friendly.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

White Wines

Muscadet L'Aubiniere | $7.99

Saumur les Plantagenets | $8.99

Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc | $16.99

Rose Wines

Chateau Cavalier | $15.99

Chateau Lalis | $13.99

Chateau Beaumont | $12.99

Hard Seltzer

Fulton Hard Seltzer

White Claw Hard Seltzer

Truly Hard Seltzer



Here are some of our favorite wines that were born in the U-S-of-A!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Second Growth Rose | $14.99

Projection Chardonnay | $10.99

Lake Girl Zinfandel | $10.99

Fog Mountain Cabernet | $12.99



It's the moment we've all been waiting for: The Teddies! Here are Ted Farrell's favorite summer wines.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Best wine for a romantic outdoor picnic

Best wine for a day out on the lake (Bonus: You don't need to remember the corkscrew!)

Best wine for a neighborhood block party

  • Provisions Boxed Wine | $14.98

Best wine for surviving a rainy day at the cabin



Use Ted's Memorial Day pairing ideas all throughout the summer weather your inside or having a backyard bbq!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 



We asked Facebook fans what some of their burning wine questions were and had the wine (genius) answer them live on air!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 



Tequila has a long, rich history and definitely has more to offer than it's reputation of being a spring break "toss-up" liquor. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 



Check out the BOGO specials happening at Haskell's going through May 5th.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment:



See where Ted has been during his European travels. In this segment, he is sharing where he went and who he met, but, most importantly, what he was sippin' on!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment:



Get sexy with wine! This was a fun segment where we discussed some great Valentine's Day romantic wines and the science behind why wine gets us "in the mood."

Here are the sexy wines mentioned in the segment: 


Get your partner what they really want: A Bouquet of Rose. Click here for more information on the Bouquet of Rose and to enter the giveaway to win a free bouquet for your Valentine!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


In Ted's words "get bold in the cold" and try one of his recommendations on great bold red wines. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Holiday gift ideas? We've got you covered!

Here are the wines (and gifts!) mentioned in the segment: 

  • True Vino Drill
  • Chirpy Top Wine Pourer
  • Lockwood Cabernet
  • Santa's Flask Party Flask
  • Viski Tumbler and Ice Sphere Set
  • Rabbit Cocktail Mixer

Recipe: Mulled Wine


Follow the directions on the mulling spices bottle, garnish with an orange slice, and enjoy!


Check out our picks for wine and cocktail pairings to serve with your Thanksgiving dinner! Whether you are a wine connoisseur or are new to the world of wine, we have just the wine for you!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Recipe: Cran-Mossa


In a champagne glass, fill half with prosecco, and half with cranberry juice. Garnish with orange slice and a single cranberry.

Bonus Recipe: Louisa's Manhattan


  • 2 oz Belle Meade Bourbon
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 1/2 oz Louisa's Liqueur
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitters
  • Luxardo cherry

This is a very simple twist on the classic recipe for one of the worlds most iconic whiskey cocktails. Place cherry in the bottom of a chilled drinking glass. Briefly stir all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass and garnish. Enjoy!


Whether you're a wine drinker, a martini drinker or looking for a fun and festive cocktail, we've got your Halloween drinks covered. Sip on any of these and you'll be dancing to the Monster Mash in no time!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Recipe: Bleeding Heart Martini


Chill martini glasses. Put a dollop of vermouth inside each glass. Swirl it around to coat the glass, then dump it out. Put baby beet on a toothpick and insert into glass. Shake gin in a shaker until cold and pour into glass. Enjoy!

Recipe: Zombie Gut Punch


To see more of our favorite fall cocktail recipes, click here!


Just like a book, you shouldn't judge wine by it's label. It's what's inside the bottle that counts. But sometimes, a winery masters both. In this episode of Twin Cities Live, Ted talks about a few vineyards that have a great tasting wine AND a well-designed bottle. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Fall is in the air! Have you noticed the weather getting cooler and crisper? With the start of the season comes all of our favorite autumnal traditions. Cue the pumpkin spice and apple cider everything! This week on Twin Cities Live, Ted spoke of all things fall – just like how your wardrobe changes, your fall wines should also be different than what you were drinking in summer. 

Here are the wines and beers mentioned in the segment: 

Recipe: Pomme-osa (aka Apple Cider Mimosa)


Pour two ounces of apple cider into a champagne flute. Fill the remainder of the glass with Louis Bouillot Brut Champagne. Get creative with your presentation by garnishing with an apple slice or rimming the flute with cinnamon sugar for some extra sweetness!

To see more of our favorite fall cocktail recipes, click her