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Wines from the Columbia Valley in Washington. These wines range in price, but can be more economical than some of their pricier counterparts AND Washington wines have received more 95+ score wines than California wines!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Snowline Riesling | $9.99

Snowline Pinot Gris | $8.99

Second Growth Columbia Valley Cabernet | $14.99

Nota Bene Syrah | $23.99


Tailgating at the house is the way to do it! When you're entertaining a house-full, what should you choose? Bubbly, boxed wine, rose or something else? And, don't forget about the 'lil smokies....  

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Henri de Villamont Cremant De Bourgogne Brut | $14.99

Provisions Boxed Wine | $14.98

Bouchard Rose | $19.99 BOGO

Koala Ranch Shiraz | $7.99


Ciao Bella! Check out the difference between Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris wines - or maybe there's no difference at all?!  

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Cantina della Torre Pinot Grigio | $9.99

La Gondola Pinot Grigio | $9.98

Greetings Pinot Gris | $14.99

Second Growth Pinot Gris | $14.99


Here they are - the Farrell Family favorites!  

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Baus Family Chardonnay | $15.99

Goichot Cotes du Rhone | $10.99

Sold Out! Domaine Louis Tete | $15.99

➡️ Substitute Charles Vienot Beaujolais-Village | $13.99

Gear Box Pinot | $14.99



While the sites are often unappealing - here are some of our favorite wines to pair with foods you may or may not see at this summer's hottest food eating competitions. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Menzione Primotivo | $12.99

Hot Dogs

Aguaribay Malbec | $11.99


Sittmann Riesling | $8.98

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Les Lys Vouvray | $10.99


As Ted says, "It's hotter than the bejejos outside!" These refreshing beverages will quench your thirst, his thirst, her thirst, their thirst... everybody's thirst! Even better? They are all at a price point that is super wallet-friendly.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

White Wines

Muscadet L'Aubiniere | $7.99

Saumur les Plantagenets | $8.99

Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc | $16.99

Rose Wines

Chateau Cavalier | $15.99

Chateau Lalis | $13.99

Chateau Beaumont | $12.99

Hard Seltzer

Fulton Hard Seltzer

White Claw Hard Seltzer

Truly Hard Seltzer


Here are some of our favorite wines that were born in the U-S-of-A!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Second Growth Rose | $14.99

Projection Chardonnay | $10.99

Lake Girl Zinfandel | $10.99

Fog Mountain Cabernet | $12.99


It's the moment we've all been waiting for: The Teddies! Here are Ted Farrell's favorite summer wines.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Best wine for a romantic outdoor picnic

Best wine for a day out on the lake (Bonus: You don't need to remember the corkscrew!)

Best wine for a neighborhood block party

  • Provisions Boxed Wine | $14.98

Best wine for surviving a rainy day at the cabin


Use Ted's Memorial Day pairing ideas all throughout the summer weather your inside or having a backyard bbq!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


We asked Facebook fans what some of their burning wine questions were and had the wine (genius) answer them live on air! 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 



Tequila has a long, rich history and definitely has more to offer than it's reputation of being a spring break "toss-up" liquor. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Check out the BOGO specials happening at Haskell's going through May 5th.

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


See where Ted has been during his European travels. In this segment, he is sharing where he went and who he met, but, most importantly, what he was sippin' on!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Get sexy with wine! This was a fun segment where we discussed some great Valentine's Day romantic wines and the science behind why wine gets us "in the mood."

Here are the sexy wines mentioned in the segment: 


Get your partner what they really want: A Bouquet of Rose. Click here for more information on the Bouquet of Rose and to enter the giveaway to win a free bouquet for your Valentine!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


In Ted's words "get bold in the cold" and try one of his recommendations on great bold red wines. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Holiday gift ideas? We've got you covered!

Here are the wines (and gifts!) mentioned in the segment: 

            • True Vino Drill
            • Chirpy Top Wine Pourer
            • Lockwood Cabernet
            • Santa's Flask Party Flask
            • Viski Tumbler and Ice Sphere Set
            • Rabbit Cocktail Mixer

Recipe: Mulled Wine


Follow the directions on the mulling spices bottle, garnish with an orange slice, and enjoy!


Check out our picks for wine and cocktail pairings to serve with your Thanksgiving dinner! Whether you are a wine connoisseur or are new to the world of wine, we have just the wine for you!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Recipe: Cran-Mossa


In a champagne glass, fill half with prosecco, and half with cranberry juice. Garnish with orange slice and a single cranberry.

Bonus Recipe: Louisa's Manhattan


            • 2 oz Belle Meade Bourbon
            • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
            • 1/2 oz Louisa's Liqueur
            • 1 dash Angostura Bitters
            • Luxardo cherry

This is a very simple twist on the classic recipe for one of the worlds most iconic whiskey cocktails. Place cherry in the bottom of a chilled drinking glass. Briefly stir all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a pre-chilled cocktail glass and garnish. Enjoy!


Whether you're a wine drinker, a martini drinker or looking for a fun and festive cocktail, we've got your Halloween drinks covered. Sip on any of these and you'll be dancing to the Monster Mash in no time!

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 

Recipe: Bleeding Heart Martini


Chill martini glasses. Put a dollop of vermouth inside each glass. Swirl it around to coat the glass, then dump it out. Put baby beet on a toothpick and insert into glass. Shake gin in a shaker until cold and pour into glass. Enjoy!

Recipe: Zombie Gut Punch


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Just like a book, you shouldn't judge wine by it's label. It's what's inside the bottle that counts. But sometimes, a winery masters both. In this episode of Twin Cities Live, Ted talks about a few vineyards that have a great tasting wine AND a well-designed bottle. 

Here are the wines mentioned in the segment: 


Fall is in the air! Have you noticed the weather getting cooler and crisper? With the start of the season comes all of our favorite autumnal traditions. Cue the pumpkin spice and apple cider everything! This week on Twin Cities Live, Ted spoke of all things fall – just like how your wardrobe changes, your fall wines should also be different than what you were drinking in summer. 

Here are the wines and beers mentioned in the segment: 

Recipe: Pomme-osa (aka Apple Cider Mimosa)


Pour two ounces of apple cider into a champagne flute. Fill the remainder of the glass with Louis Bouillot Brut Champagne. Get creative with your presentation by garnishing with an apple slice or rimming the flute with cinnamon sugar for some extra sweetness!

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